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Professionalism     Reliability                


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Our Commitment

Have you ever bought a product or paid for a service, only to be dissapointed with the final result?


At High-Reach we are COMMITTED to making sure you are 100% happy with  every aspect of our services. From the quality of the work, to the customer service you receive. We never want to just satisfy, we want to EXCEED your EXPECTATIONS.

About High-Reach

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Your property is an asset and an investment of which you have worked hard for and obviously want to maintain. High-Reach provide Professional quality Gardening and External Cleaning Services which can aid in keeping your property looking at it's best, while also maintaining and potentially increasing it's value.


Age-wise, we are a newly sprouted bud (Young, but with so much potential). We have the skills and drive to eventually become well established and one of the most competitive businesses in our field, who will continue to excel and grow in every service that we provide.



This is our mascot...Bane the Beagle